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Nepal Bitumen and Barrel Udyog Ltd. (NBBUL) is a Public Limited Company that was established by Nepal Oil Corporation Limited in 1984. The company was taken over by Panchakanya Group in the year 1994 under the government's privatization program.


Bitumen is exclusively used as a binder in road construction and maintenance. NBBUL imports as per NS specified Viscosity Grade (VG) bitumen directly from the refineries in bulk and refills into its self-produced drum after processing with quality control and tests to meet the required grade. Its automatic filling plant is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that ensures efficient and accurate filling capacity. NBBUL is the only industry to supply bitumen and bituminous products in the country and provides test certificates along with every consignment that is delivered.

Bitumen Emulsion

Bitumen emulsions are a dispersion of very fine bitumen particles in an aqueous medium. These liquid products are functional in use and are widely popular in road construction and maintenance, waterproofing, soil stabilization and in many other special circumstances where the cold application of bitumen is desirable. Bitumen emulsions can either be Cationic or Anionic. Cationic bitumen emulsions have become more popular today because of their superior qualities over traditional bitumen.

The process of Production:

Bitumen emulsions are produced as per Nepal Standard (NS) 207-2046 conforming to IS 8887-78, BS 434-1984 and ASTMD 244-83 by processing prime quality VG10 bitumen, water and high-quality emulsifiers under controlled production parameters such as pH, temperature, etc. The hi-tech colloid mill with its superfine milling efficiency provides fine and narrow particle distribution which gives the emulsion an increased storage stability and higher viscosity. The quality of the emulsion is controlled at every step of production and is tested in the laboratory for consistency.


Cationic bitumen is designed to suit the climatic and traffic conditions of our country by formulating high-quality ingredients in an advanced formula. It is environment-friendly and its liquid form makes it ready for application. No heating is required and therefore it creates no air pollution, saves energy and keeps the adhesive property of the binder intact. The brown colour emulsion changes to black upon breaking and remains sufficiently fluid during application ensuring a fabulous end result.
Its strong cationic charge when spread to the aggregate helps bitumen particles to adhere rapidly and firmly into the negatively charged aggregate (usually available in our country). As a result, it provides excellent and durable bonding to the road, which can in turn be opened to traffic sooner.
The adhesion agent, also known as an anti-stripping agent provides longer life to the pavement.

Bitumen Emulsion Specification: NS207-2046
Test Method: NS207-2046 and NS 221-2047
Type: Cationic

The modern barrel plant is capable of producing mild steel containers of different designs, dimensions and thickness suitable for the packaging of liquid and semi-liquid products. The containers are manufactured using high quality cold rolled sheets and are painted in attractive colour. High quality, low cost and functional characteristics ensure that the end users of the product are completely satisfied. NBBUL is the only industry manufacturing MS barrels in the country.

1. Bitumen:
  • VG-10
  • VG-30
  • Emulsion: RS, MS, SS
  • Bulk Liquid Bitumen can also be supplied on demand.
  • Anti Stripping Agent.
  • Require no heating, is ready to use.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Energy saving.
  • Cost effective.
  • Workable with cold and damp aggregates.
  • Safe and easy handling.
  • Better and durable pavement
  • Less wastage saves money.
  • Barrels 200-litre capacity
  • Drums 167 litre capacity.
  • Containers 20 and 50-litre capacity.

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Phone: 053 570103
Fax: 053 570109

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