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Our EI- BOARD is one of the excellent products we have in the market. It is a multipurpose board which is cost effective and durable in quality. We manufacture it and disease to the local market in Nepal. Our EI boards are factory-made and come with a non-insulating sheathing board which is useful and effective. This board is used for a number of applications including wall and ceiling, facade, soffits, the backing and underlayments. This board is made up of a type of mineral cement but has some of the extraordinary qualities like - fire resistance, weather ability, strength, resistance to mould and mildew, and so on.

The EI-Boards are available in many forms and are great for building construction buildings and other construction works. They come with in various thickness and sheet sizes, thus it becomes easy to customise. You will find them in various grades, like - smooth finishes, rough textures, and utility grades. It can be in white, beige or light grey in colour and has a hard sound when rapped with your knuckles somewhat like Portland cement board.

Like, any other sheathing board our EI-boards can absorb water but its performance is unaffected for sure. Thus it can be used indoors and outdoors, and also in damp location, like - showers, Portland cement based siding etc. If it used outdoors in an exposed location, it needs some form of a coating, such as paint. It can be used structurally as in bracing for wall and semi-structurally, such as an underlayment for flooring.

Board Resistance: this can be made in the form of a table or creative representation

  1. Salt (Sodium Chloride) Brines and Salt Water
  2. Chlorine Bleach (sodium hypochlorite) & Related Pool Chemical
  3. Exposure to Water and Moisture & Freeze-thaw cycles
  4. Changes in Temperature up to 8000 Centigrade
  5. Repeated Wetting and Drying or Freezing and thawing
  6. Swelling, Losing Strength or Deterioration
  7. Moulds, Mildew, Bacteria, Fungus, Termites, Rodents and Other Organisms
  8. Fireproof
  9. Impact Damage

The 5 layers of EI board:

  1. Facial surface layer
  2. Fibreglass net reinforcing layer, which makes the board durable and stable
  3. Filler layer (Including mineral cementing agent, perlite and wood chips)
  4. Second fibreglass net reinforcing layer
  5. Filler layer of the inner side

Features of EI-Board:

Lighter than cement board, smoother than drywall, it is the most flexible than cement board and is rigid than drywall. These amazing properties make it more inert than either cement board or drywall or wood-based board materials. Our boards are surely the best buy.


Interior wall, Ceiling, Exterior Sheathing, Separation Wall, etc.