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Wires & Nails

Panchakanya Wire industry was established in 1989 and since then we are meeting the most exacting specifications and requirements of our customers. In the wire industry, we are serving with the latest technology coupled with a wealth of experience and expertise. A range of wires cater to the needs of market segments in Nepal and we are thriving to grow.

Our wires and nails produce 4.75mm & 7mm Eco-bar of high tensile strength and bonding capacity, which is required in the construction industries. HB wires of 6mm size are also available followed by 20 gauge and 22 gauge binding wires.

HB Wires These wires are:

Panchakanya Steel has the expertise in manufacturing quality H.B. Wires. These wires are hard drawn wires with lesser carbon content. They are used extensively, to support the main structure of construction and making it withstand greater loads. Mainly used in the production of Hume pipes, erection of Culverts and Slabs. Stringent quality checks of the raw material and production processes are executed to ensure the best items are produced in our facility, thereby, providing our customers quality HB Wires.

Binding Wires

Our binding wires are acclaimed by the end users as 'The Best'. Unlike others available on the market, Panchakanya Steel’s binding wires are soft and strong which helps it giving a firm grip on the structures while binding.

SIZES 20 Gauge coils 22 Gauge coils

Nails are also known as fasteners and they remain an integral part of the construction industry. Fasteners on the other hand when joined with the materials such as wood and metal, and other considerations, Panchakanya Group have established a name in the nails industry to meet the demands as per the requirement of the market. Our product popularity among the users of the Nail and Screw segment has prompted us to produce quality nails of different sizes, variedly in the construction & household purposes.

I have been very impressed with the professionalism of your organization and find it well-organized.

- Bijaya Kumar Mahato

My compliments, I commend Panchakanya Steel on the professional and thorough approach it has to delivering and maintain service with us. Thank you for your valuable time and consideration in this respect.

- Mahesh Shrestha