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Vice Chairman
Mr. Dhruba K. Shrestha

A man who believes in action rather than mere words, Dhruba K Shrestha, personifies hard work and dedication. A soft spoken personality, he considers discipline to be the main forte for success for any person in any given field. Dhruba has been involved in Panchakanya from the time he returned to the country after his graduation. His involvement began right from the moment when his father bought land for setting up a rolling plant in Bhairahawa. Since then he has been responsible for managing the daily affairs of all the factories under the ‘Panchakanya umbrella’.

The initial phase was a challenging one because not only did Dhruba have to move to a completely new surrounding but he was only 24 years old and still a novice in business. Yet, with his father’s guidance and his own hard work he has been able to make a name for himself in the Nepali business arena. He is a person who believes that difficulties are all in the mind and it depends on the capacity of an individual on how to deal with a situation. Another crucial aspect that Dhruba feels is an important part of business is one’s behaviour – on how one deals with people. He believes that the most important trait that any individual must possess is discipline.

For Dhruba, Panchakanya is not a “Group”, but a “Family”. He has never referred to his staff as merely employees. He strongly believes that when we are able to create a family environment, then what happens is that workers start feeling a sense of belonging and they know that even they have a stake and say in the company.

Dhruba is proud of the fact that all their businesses have been able to maintain the required quality in all their products, something which is illustrated by the fact that they are exporting to the Indian markets too. He is also particularly proud of his group’s clean image. And that has to do with the ethics of discipline. He has made it a point to ensure employee discipline in the factories.

Besides looking after the businesses of Panchakanya, Dhruba is also equally active in other spheres of life. He has already been the president of Siddhartha Nagar Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Western Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Dhruba has also had the distinction of being the president of Lions Club, Bhairahawa, and the Rotary Club of Lumbini, Bhairahawa. An ardent sports lover, he is currently involved with Nepal Badminton Association as its vice president.

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