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Executive Director
Mr. Ujjwal Kumar Shrestha

A down-to-earth young man, Ujjwal Shrestha, does not hesitate for a moment to mention that his first jobs were at a cafeteria and a cafe in the US. He is a man who believes that no job is big or small and whatever it is that you are doing you must put your heart into it.

He completed his bachelor’s degree in management from Luther college, a four year residential liberal arts institution located in Decorah, Iowa, USA and for his Masters programme he completed it from RMIT a global university of technology and design and Australia’s largest tertiary institution in Melbourne.

He entered the corporate world of Nepal in April 2007, when he joined his family establishment, the Panchakanya Group, as a marketing manager at the steel and plastic divisions. Ujjwal’s initial responsibilities were to devise sales and marketing strategies for both the divisions.

Though young and new to the business arena, Ujjwal has brought about changes at Panchakanya so that the organization can be better managed in the long run. It was under his leadership that Panchakanya implemented a new marketing strategy based on the marketing information system (which runs on internal reporting, accounting-auditing, research and analysis of competitors, study of customer needs, culture, demography and politics), which has helped the company increase its market share from 17% to 23%. Ujjwal has also been instrumental in introducing the annual promotion programme and has provided suggestions for the use of new technology for quality and smooth production. Within a short span of time he has also been able to improve stock management so that all the products are available throughout the year. Apart from all these, Ujjwal has also rung in changes in terms of capital-intensive technology, training, transparency, team work, empowerment, motivation, and dignity of work.

As a business leader, Ujwal strongly professes integrity, honesty and trustworthiness to be the most important qualities that a leader must possess. It is about being dynamic, action-oriented and open-minded to act on criticisms from within and outside the organisation that has made Ujjwal a force to reckon with at this young age. One of his better personal traits that he has brought into Panchakanya is caring for his people and respecting all employees at all levels. What has also made this young gun successful is his willingness to listen to others with respect for diverse views and he is also very clear when giving directives to subordinates. Ujjwal prefers to be a man of action with a clean and clear vision.

In the days ahead, Ujjwal hopes to bolster Panchakanya’s physical and human resources, while he himself becomes a “good corporate leader”. He wants the organisation to be the backbone of the county’s economy, one whose products are “premium and preferred”. Ujjwal would also like to diversify in the manufacturing of infrastructure related products and expand towards the hospitality and the service sector.

Ujjwal strongly believes in transparency, decentralization, and motivation with incentives, backed by an effective control mechanism. He believes that a strong team brings about positive synergy and high cohesion which help in achieving goals more efficiently than through individual efforts. A man whose strengths have always been patience, and good skills in decision making, crisis management, communication, situation reading and motivation, this young blood is definite to take Panchakanya to greater heights and through unchartered waters.

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