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Managing Director
Pradeep Kumar Shrestha

It is his outgoing nature and his knack in making any person comfortable that has endeared Pradeep Kumar Shrestha to all the people who have had the good fortune to interact with him. But behind this jovial personality is a steely character that is determined to accomplish what he has set out for.

It was while pursuing his Masters at the age of 25 that Pradeep officially joined the company. Over the years, his hard work and dedication towards his responsibilities have not only seen him take Panchakanya towards greater heights but personally too he holds the proud status of being the youngest president ever of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry and is also the Honorary Consul of The Republic of South Africa for Nepal.

When Pradeep joined Panchakanya, he practically used to do everything that was necessary for the establishment of a company—correspond, look after the balance sheet…you name it and he used to be involved in it. There never was a moment when he used to stay idle. All those hours of tireless efforts have finally paid off and, today, Panchakanya is a name to be reckoned with in the industrial sector of the country.   

From the moment when they sifted base to Kathmandu and faced an identity crisis till today when Panchakanya has become a household name, the journey has bee a tedious one for Pradeep but never has he faltered in his aim of making it one of the most recognised brand names in Nepal. His focus has also been in providing the best quality products and services to the customers no matter what the situation.

For somebody who never wanted to be a follower but always lead from the front, Pradeep has come a long way in making a name not only for himself but Panchakanya as a whole. And he is especially proud to be recognised by his brand name which every business person would probably love. Pradeep believes that business is a game of risk and the more risks you take, the more gains you stand to make. But the risk-taking, he says, shouldn’t be like gambling, but of a more calculative kind.

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