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Panchakanya Group established this industrial unit to manufacture HDPE pipes & fittings of international standard from virgin polymer granule with latest technology. These pipes have proved ideal substitution for conventional metal pipes for distribution of potable water, farm irrigation & lift irrigation, sewage, drainage and many other purposes.

Discovery of pipe made from Thermoplastic material is considered to be the latest and most significant development in the field of Pipeline Engineering. High density Polyethylene (HDPE), today is the highly versatile and appropriate piping material. Because of the outstanding performance, the pipe made from this unique thermoplastic has proven its operational and economical superiority over the conventional pipeline system.

Panchakanya HDPE pipes and fittings with its NS marks are manufactured by the latest technology to comply with the international standard specification using world's best virgin polymer in the company's modern plant situated at Kotihawa, Bhairahawa. The quality of the product is controlled at every step of production and tested in well-equipped laboratory under the supervision of skilled and experienced technicians.

Salient Features
- Light in Weight (Wt. 1/7th of G.I pipe).
- Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance.
- Inert to most acidic and alkaline solutions.
- High flow characteristics.
- Light in weight.
- Easy to handle & transport.
- Excellent flexibility combined with strength.
- Smooth inner walls - minimizes frictional losses.
- Safe for potable water supply.
- Resistance to Microorganisms.
- Free from any Odour and Taste.
- Tough. Maintenance Free.
Properties of the pipe
The pipes are black in colour possessing a smooth internal and external surface. The pipes have a designed life span of 50 years at 27 Degree centigrade and for a stress of over 50 KG/cm square.
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