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I have been very impressed with the professionalism of your organization and find it well-organized...
I would like to thank Panchakanya Steel for their excellent service and for providing us with tailor made product and within the deadline..
Executive Director

Mr. Badri Kumar Shrestha

Near the end of 2004, Badri Kumar Shrestha embarked on a trip that gave him a new vision of the world, and of how to take Panchakanya Group, of which he is a director, forward in the future. Youngest son of the Group’s founder, Prem Bahadur Shrestha, he is based in Delhi where he runs T C Link Pvt. Ltd.  

He is well versed in large construction projects management. His major responsibility is mainly international marketing, project construction, and import and sale of heavy equipment used in large scale construction ventures. He has successfully accomplished work of many construction projects, within and outside the country, in joint venture with foreign companies, mostly from the People’s Republic of China. His firm’s first project was the construction of a 54 km road in Gujarat.Since then, his firm has been involved in many large development projects such as the Delhi Metro, a huge undertaking by any yardstick.

He is also the project director in Nepal for Indian Embassy projects. About future plans for Pan-chakanya Group, he says, “I think that Panchakanya should now go international. Father brought us to Kathmandu from Fikkal in Ilam, now it is up to us to go global.”

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