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Stainless Steel Water Tank


Panchakanya SS ( Stainless Steel) Tank, the premium quality product provides complete and lifelong solution for commercial and industrial water storage suitable for all kinds of water. Maufactured for the first time in Nepal, with a mirror finished stainless steel plates (SS304) , the tank offers the best solution for the storage of potable water with zero retention for daily use. 

Stainless steet tank are also useful for storage of milk, foods, beverages, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.


Sailent Features
Cost Efficient : With an inbuilt stand and the durability of SS, the tank is a one time investment.

Pure & Hygienic: Light in weight with inbuilt outlet-inlet nipples and a readymade tank stand makes it easy to install.

Re-sale Value: Good re-sale value and 100% recyclable. 


Key Advantages:  

  • Elegant Looks
  • Safety measures: lockable top cover guards against foreign bodies.
  • SSWT mirror finished layer reflects sunlight/heat and keeps water cooler than any other tank.
  • Non-toxic, rust free, resistant to scaling and free from growth of bacteria, algae, molds etc in the stored water, hence the water is hygienically clean.
  • Hassel free: air ventilator, inlet-outlet nipples, inbuilt stand etc, thus ready to use anywhere, anytime.
  • Easy to Clean: curved bottom with outlet nipple which helps to clean the tank with a single flush
  • Since SSWT Tank is resistant to Weather Changes, the tank will not warp or deform under any weather condition.
  • Light weight & easy to install in the long run saves money.
  • Ideal for storage of portable water, milk, beverages etc.
  • Made with latest and modern technology by Panchakanya Group for the first time in Nepal.
  • High re-sale value and 100% recyclable.
  • Life long, durable and leak proof.
  • Only type of water tank used in developed countries, now in Nepal.
  • Available in different capacities ranging from 250 ltrs. to 5000 ltrs.
  • Lifelong warranty against manufacturing defects. 










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