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Manufactured for the first time in Nepal

Panchakanya provides design , engineering, panelization and installation of the structural shell package by utilizing an innovative cold-fomed steel systems approach. Following the slogan "Always First Always Ahead ", Panchakanya Structural Steel is developed through cold formed process without the use of heat.Read more

This process, produces light weight but high tensile steel frame. The frame surface is coated with a zinc alloy that completely covers the steel surface and seals it from the corrosive action of its environment. This result in buildings that are more solid, rigid, stronger, durable and easire to build.

Panchakanya Structure Steel (PSS)

Cost : PSS is significantly less. It is half the cost or less to conventional strucuture.

Build - Ability : The use of pre-fabricated and preassembled steel components reduces site works, material waste and improves qualit . PSS can even be constructed as an addded construction over RCC structure as well.

Speed: PSS requires a shorter construction period, estimated to be within a month or less.

Quality : PSS has one of the highest strength weight to ratios, which results in easier site handling, resulting in a better quality finished house that is durable and low in repairs.

Safety : PSS homes are designed to meet the highest seismic and wind load specifications. In addition it has, upto 60 plus year life.

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